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This carrd should cover everything you need to know about me, such as before you follows, content warnings, simple interests, etc.


GENERALLY my content is completely safe for work and very tame, but I do not want to be close friends with or consistently interact with people under the age of 16. You are free to follow me and interact whatnot, but for my own comfort I probably will not respond to other contact.Themes that are common in my art, characters, and projects are themes of body horror, eyestrain, parasites, gore, 'weirdcore', 'webcore', and liminal spaces. Some of the aformentioned themes and aesthetics could make dissociative episodes worse, so please follow with caution to your own health. Thank you!


In no particular order...

- I don't have an extensive DNI list. I only ask that you be kind, sane, and normal. If you do anything that most other people think are problematic (Proship, Zoo, TERF, Transmed, etc...) , I do not want you here.- I take a while to warm up to new faces... I try to reach out more nowadays but I tend to be very quiet in environments I am not comfortable in.- Please do not take heavy inspiration from my character designs. I now will block freely if I notice. Inspiration itself is fine! I don't own specific traits or colors!!! You can even colorpick, if you really want to!- Please do not send me friend requests on Discord if I do not know you or have not given you permission to do so. I will ignore and decline it.- I do not owe you a reason to why I blocked you. Please do not try and contact me from alternate accounts if I happen to block you, because often it is for an explicit reason.

✧ Interests

Thangs I like :}

Just General Things:

  • Space (I think it's a given on that one GHBDJ)

  • Old Web and Similar Aesthetics

  • Frutiger Aesthetics (Aero, Eco, Metro, etc)

  • Robots

  • Lizards

  • Original Characters

  • Liminal Spaces

  • More...Probably...I forgor

Games and Media:

  • Splatoon

  • Earthbound / MOTHER

  • Undertale / Deltarune

  • Analogue Horror (Vaguely)

  • Pikmin

  • Animal Crossing

  • Don't Starve

  • Sonic

  • Pokemon

  • Robot Jones

  • LSD Dream Emulator (I also just really like Osamu Sato's work in general!)